Showreel Assessment Walk Through

November 11, 2020 Dionne69

CUADIG301 - Prepare video assets (Release 1)

Elements and Performance Criteria

Identify video assets

1.1 Obtain and assess digital video content as determined by production

1.2 Clarify production schedules and deadlines with relevant personnel

1.3 Identify file format, output purpose, destination and platform of source video according to production requirements

1.4 Discuss, with relevant personnel, required output file format and codecs for specified bandwidths, and appropriate video encoding software

Prepare video assets

2.1 Load video files into appropriate video encoding software

2.2 Check duration and quality of video sequences meet production requirements, and balance and clip sequence if necessary

2.3 Determine and apply appropriate video and audio codecs to meet quality standards

2.4 Batch and optimise video files where possible

2.5 Save files in appropriate output file format using standard industry or enterprise naming conventions

2.6 Follow safe ergonomic practices when using computer equipment for long periods of time

Package video assets

3.1 Assign metadata tags if required

3.2 Group files in folder system using standard industry or enterprise naming conventions

3.3 Archive and store in share drive or asset repository for production team access

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