November 3, 2020 Dionne69

CUAANM302 - Create 3D digital animations (Release 1)

Elements and Performance Criteria

Clarify animation requirements

1.1 Clarify 3D animation requirements documented in design briefs with relevant personnel

1.2 Examine models to be animated to determine appropriate animation techniques

1.3 Identify file formats and delivery platform for animated sequences

1.4 Identify factors that may influence animation design approach

1.5 Clarify work flow sequences with relevant personnel to ensure production schedule deadlines are met

Plan approach

2.1 Research animations, artworks and other creative sources that may inspire ideas

2.2 Generate a range of ideas for animations that are technically feasible, respond to briefs and provide creative solutions to all design issues

2.3 Present ideas to relevant personnel using appropriate design techniques

2.4 Adjust approach to incorporate feedback and agree on final design concept

2.5 Discuss and select 3D animation software with relevant personnel to ensure animated sequences meet technical and creative requirements

2.6 Identify audio assets to support animations as required

Produce animated sequences for review

3.1 Create 3D animations using software and animation techniques to suit design requirements

3.2 Adopt safe ergonomic practices when using equipment for long periods of time

3.3 Apply basic animation, screen, visual design and communication principles to produce animations

3.4 Apply real world camera techniques to virtual cameras used in 3D animation as required

3.5 Confirm with relevant personnel that models have not infringed copyright

3.6 Render completed animated sequences using appropriate output file formats

3.7 Save and store animated sequences using standard naming conventions and version control protocols

3.8 Demonstrate 3D animated sequences to relevant personnel for evaluation by agreed deadlines

Finalise animated sequences

4.1 Review animated sequences to assess creative solutions to design briefs, appropriateness to users or audience, and technical feasibility

4.2 Discuss and confirm additional requirements or modifications with relevant personnel, and complete changes as required for signoff

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