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August 7, 2020 Dionne69

ICTGAM301 - Apply simple modelling techniques (Release 1)

Elements and Performance Criteria

Clarify work requirements

1.1 Clarify the requirements for, and purpose of, 3-D digital modelling techniques and refer to the production documentation, WHS requirements and roles of project team members

1.2 Clarify work-flow sequences in consultation with the relevant personnel, to ensure that production schedule deadlines are met

1.3 Select the software that best suits the type of production and delivery platform for which simple 3-D modelling techniques are being applied

1.4 Gather and analyse reference materials to help with the application of modelling techniques

Apply simple 3-D modelling techniques

2.1 Apply simple 3-D modelling techniques to create 3-D models

2.2 Use software features to block out models in order to determine the correct proportions related to reference materials

2.3 Manipulate software features to apply basic lighting and shaders to the models, as required

2.4 Ensure that the topology of the models allows for appropriate deformation, as required

2.5 Progressively refine, and check, the integrity of the models until they meet design requirements

2.6 Submit models to the relevant personnel for comment regarding whether production requirements have been met, and make final adjustments as required

2.7 Render and output the models in the required format, and submit to the relevant personnel by agreed deadlines

2.8 Make backup copies of files and complete workplace documentation, according to enterprise procedures

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